Since 1989, we have been successfully developing software for electroplating, wastewater technology and cleaning and exhaust air systems. More than 250 plant installations are proof of this. Our offer includes the complete planning, realization and commissioning in the electrical and control engineering part of the plants. We respond to your individual wishes.

UTIKAL Automation Galvanisierungstechnik Abwassertechnik zuverlässig


There are no empty words with us. We stick to agreements and arrangements - promised.

UTIKAL Automation Galvanisierungstechnik Abwassertechnik Qualität


An experienced team that complies with regulations, laws and standards. That's the reason why we are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

UTIKAL Automation Galvanisierungstechnik Abwassertechnik einfach


Our software works and is easy to use. Breakdowns are a rare occurrence.

UTIKAL Automation Galvanisierungstechnik Abwassertechnik innovativ


We love change and to be a few steps ahead. Our AI team is working on intelligent software for tomorrow.

It's all about
the details.

The Headquarter

The mix of creativity and attention to detail is in our nature. This helps us with unconventional solutions and flawless work for our customers, but also meant that we wanted to make our office very special.

Utikal Zentrale
UTIKAL Automation Geschäftsführer Richard Utikal

Richard Utikal

Dipl. Ing. (FH)
Managing partner

UTIKAL Automation Administration Marion Klesse

Marion Klesse


UTIKAL Automation Projektleitung PC-Team Anton Hadbawnik

Anton Hadbawnik

Project manager PC team

UTIKAL Automation SPS-Teamleiter Teamleader PLC Markus Maier

Markus Maier

Teamleader PLC

UTIKAL Automation Elektrokonstruktion Ulrich Klems

Ulrich Klems

Electrical engineering

UTIKAL Automation SPS-Team Jan Bosler

Jan Bosler


UTIKAL Automation KI-Entwicklung Klaus Kuchler

Klaus Kuchler

AI Development

UTIKAL Automation SPS-Team Vladimir Dennenmoser

Vladimir Dennenmoser


UTIKAL Automation Bachelor of Science Projektleiter PC Thomas Werner

Thomas Werner

Bachelor of Science
Teamleader PC

UTIKAL Automation Projektbearbeiter PC-Team Sinan Uruc

Sinan Uruc

Projektbearbeiter PC-Team

Teamwork with



This is
great cooperation.

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