We are professionals in plant control. Whether it's the perfect commissioning of a new plant or the automation of an existing one until it is state of the art. From traditional software to the use of artificial intelligence.

UTIKAL Automation Galvanisierungstechnik

+ Planing

To make the first step right.

After precise analysis and assessment of existing components, we plan and design the perfect solution for your automated plant. Every production involves individual risks, but also offers optimization potential, which we take into account and exploit in a focused way.

+ Construction

We tackle it.

We develop the optimal solution for the required electrical devices of your plant. Switch cabinets are built based on our control panels. You have high requirements, we adapt our software to them. Your individual ideas are developed and integrated by us.

+ Training

Ready, set, go!

We install the software and the required hardware components and put them into operation directly on your plant. While your production line then starts, we directly start training your employees on-site.


Optimization of process throughput and energy efficiency

Together with your employees, we optimize your plant. The goal is to increase performance and improve energy efficiency. We upgrade aging plants to the current state of the art and close new safety gaps.


On location or on remote.

Whether you are located right on our doorstep or on the other side of the globe, we can help you quickly and reliably with any problems on your plant. We help with useful tips as well as urgent assistance to prevent production downtimes.