Retrofit of a …


Target: Retrofit of the control system of a wastewater neutralization, adaptation of the electrical control cabinet and application of a new visualization on an industrial operator panel. To avoid a loss of production it is necessary to do the rebuilding during a weekend.

Mr. Utikal and his team arrive on Friday at noontime within the stipulated time at the customer to be able to meet the target. The colleagues set to work on the target and start screwing. They dismantle old counters, PLC and similar devices; they mount the new panel and other inner workings of the control cabinet; they program the latest requests of our customer. They test the procedures and control. Sunday evening the wasterwater neutralization is operating again as scheduled. On Monday the staff is given an introduction to our new programm and the acceptance report is filled in free of faults … afterwards the team is heading for home.


Our customer is higly pleased and can keep on production as planned.

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